The Get Passionate Radio show is based on the four stages of the Passion Pays journey that Genevieve lays out in her book “Passion Pays: How to Make a Living From Your Passions… and Change the World Too”. The four stages of the book will be followed over four weeks in the weekly episodes; which will compile the Passion Pays Guide with specific techniques, strategies and roadmaps for the Passion Pays journeyers: where to start, what to do, how to do it, does it fit,  who can help, where to find support etc. Episodes last 15 to 25 minutes.

Each episode therefore ends with action steps that Genevieve herself will follow to lead by example and play and test. See the Passion Pays book trailer here.

–Stage 1: Understand Your Passions, Fundamentally

In week 1 episodes, listeners are given numerous tips to explore their view of the world and understand themselves better. See details of Stage 1 episodes here.

— Stage 2: Build Your Expertise, Naturally

In week 2 episodes, listeners are able to follow through and learn different ways to maximise their skills and potential by cultivating what Genevieve calls “the opportunity and growth mindset” as opposed to the “adversity and breakdown mindset”. See details of Stage 2 episodes here.

–Stage 3: Deliver Your Value, Powerfully

In week 3 episodes, listeners build on their individuality, knowledge and skills. They actively connect with the right people and start making things happen confidently. Guidance and tips on dealing with fears and tools on communication are prevalent here. See details of Stage 3 episodes here.

–Stage 4: Get Paid, Rightfully

In week 4 episodes, listeners are guided through powerful strategies to put everything together and “sell their value” in the job market. Listeners also get to appreciate their fulfilment needs. See details of Stage 4 episodes here.


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