with designer Asilia

  • Why do so few people get prosperous, when most of us struggle to make ends meet? What am I missing?
  • What do those lucky people know that I don’t know?
  • What is the difference between those who lead their lives and their teams to success and those who do not?
  • Some people seem to always have 10 approaches to the solution of a problem, how do they exploit challenges and obstacles?
  • What can inspire young people to create a better future for themselves?
  • How can I contribute my talents to the world and get paid for it?
  • How do I fit into this crazy world?
  • Is it a utopia to be both ‘spiritual’ and rich?
  • Why doesn’t my hard work pay off?

If you are asking yourself these questions, you’re in perfect company. In this timely, breakthrough book, Genevieve de Lacaze, aka GenieCoach, takes a personal and societal approach to put Passion in a whole new light: the heart-rooted energy that drives us to inspire and create a better future for ourselves, our businesses, our communities and humanity.  Blending humour, motivation, understanding and straight talk, Genevieve leads us on a rewarding four-stage journey filled with enlightening games and stories, provocative questions, hard-hitting points and practical wisdom.

Genevieve personally interviewed 30 inspiring men and women, from diverse backgrounds and passions, to feature as real-life exemplars of how passion pays. Get inside the minds of people like you who are making a living doing what they love, and learn exactly how they do it.


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