Join us with guest Lorna Balfour to get passionate about our bodies! Fitness and Nutrition-wise, that is!

Discover how to make your fitness schedule work for you, how to get and keep motivated and quite unusual reasons to get fit! We promise you will never see fitness the same way again!


Lorna  Balfour is a personal trainer and lifestyle coach based in central London. She focuses on strength training, and has special interests in nutrition and wellbeing.

She is in great shape now, but this has not always been the case. She was brought up in Scotland on a diet of processed food, too much food, and everything deep-fried. As a kid she was very active, but not active enough to combat a poor lifestyle and awful diet. She was constantly exhausted and overweight.

Shortly after starting her first office job, Lorna made changes to her eating habits and lifestyle. She lost around 10kg of weight and her fitness level soared. The increase in her energy and confidence encouraged Lorna to retrain as a Personal Trainer so she could help other people who might be struggling to live to their full potential

Since qualifying as a personal trainer, Lorna has taken extra courses in nutrition and lifestyle coaching at the highly-esteemed CHEK institute in San Diego, California. Lorna then made more changes to her diet and lifestyle.

Lorna’s passion is helping people to transform their lives for the better using her first hand experience and knowledge. You can work with Lorna – contact her at


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