Would you like your business to generate more sales? Would you like more people to buy and benefit from your products and services?

Join us with special guest, inspirational teen-preneur Samir Islam who will share his inspiring journey and mission with us.

Sabirul Islam, a teen-trepreneur from the age of just 14, a global motivational speaker having spoken at over 600 events worldwide and author of the bestselling books The World at Your Feet and Young Entrepreneur World, with the latter having launched in March 2012.

With Sabirul becoming a junior trader at 16 and his inspiring books selling over 60,000 copies to date. Sabirul launched his Teen-Trepreneur board game at 18, to educate young people about business, which has sold to over 550 schools in the UK and in 14 countries worldwide.

By 20, Sabirul set up Teen-Speakers; a speaker’s bureau consisting of 38 of the world’s most successful and influential young people, all under 25 striving to empower youth worldwide with a message that ‘Generation Y’ has what it takes to be successful. Which led to Sabirul’s new book to be published in February 2012, titled ‘Young Entrepreneur World’ interviewing 25 of the Teen-Speakers, sharing their ideas of ‘what it takes to be successful‘ on a personal, business and political scale.

Now aged 21, Sabirul’s vision to inspire young people has expanded to a global scale, having set up the Inspire1Million Campaign with a vision to Inspire one Million people in 20 countries within 12 months. So far Sabirul has delivered the campaign across Europe, The Maldives, Botswana, South Africa, Nigeria, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Japan with further tours lined up in 2012 across Africa, Asia and South America.

Sabirul’s passion is to inspire millions of young people around the world that everyone has the abilities to be extraordinary.

Read more about Samirul:


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