Join us with guest Jessica McGregor Johnson to talk Passion in business and at work. Why is Passion so important in the way we lead our business and career?

Jessica works internationally empowering women to create the life they choose.  She says; ”I believe that we often create our life using someone else’s rules of what should make us happy without questioning whether it works for us. I work with successful women who have ticked all those boxes and achieved all the things but feel there is something missing and life feels rather empty and lacking meaning. I give personal exclusive support to reconnect to your heart and discover the missing pieces and then create new boxes to tick (yours, not anyone one else’s) and so finally feel happy and fulfilled with whatever you choose to do with your life.”

Jessica also offers The Passion Test for Business.  She says of the program, “When you work alone it can be very easy to lose sight of why you started your business in the first place. Your passion can get overshadowed by the everyday chores of running your business.  The Passion Test for Business revitalises you and your business. It will get you back in touch with why you started it in the first place. You will identify your unique contribution to your clients, your business passions and your 10, 5, and 2 year vision.  This ensures that you are focusing all your efforts in the right direction, and using time effectively.    Once you have that information you can assess new opportunities when they arise with the confidence of knowing exactly where your work passions lie and how to implement them, hence taking your business to the next level.”

Jessica is also and author and inspirational speaker.  Her first book Remembering Perfection, Everyday Inspiration for Living your Spirituality was published in 2008 and her next book, focused on changing the rules you live your life by, is due out later this year.    She has an inspiring keynote speech, using her own varied life story, on why following your passion is the key to a happy and fulfilling life.

Get in touch with Jessica:

  • The Passion Test for Solo Entrepreneurs.   A six hour program done on skype in three sessions. Jessica has a special offer page for listeners to the radio show!

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