Thurs 07th March 7pm GMT

From Stage 2 (S2) of the Passion Pays journey: Build Your Expertise, Naturally

Have you ever wondered what would happen to you if you lost your job? Whether you’re working for yourself or for someone else, whether it’s your clients or your boss keeping you working, our current world of work does not guarantee that they will still keep you tomorrow. This is the illusion of security I refer to in my book Passion Pays. Gloom picture, I know. But if you perform a strong reality check, you can make the right adjustments before it’s too late and you can feel confident about your present and your future.

This is exactly what we are doing in this week’s episode. In the previous episode, we worked on being clear on what you really want, and such clarity will make things easier here.

Join me with guest, career coach Meera Shah (see her details below) in this pratical, yet fun-filled episode on Thursday 07th March 2013 at 7pm GMT. Meera and I are giving 3 specific exercices to give you the best chance to, not only keep your job, but most importantly to be confident of your own abilities to get the job that you want.


Real ChallengesWould you like some help to follow this episode and complete the exercises? No problem. Every week, I help personally and for free, the first two people who email me with their homework. You can also comment below and I’ll do my best to reply.

I have prepared some bonus tools to make your life easier and give you the structure you need to focus.

Download this episode’s full workbook plus bonuses (audio+presentation) for £1.99 instead of £4.99, your muffin and drink are on me.

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About Meera Shah

Meera Shah is a Career Coach in the UK.  Her background was in the corporate world, ranging from Unilever to Goldman Sachs to HSBC. After a successful career in Financial services, she decided to use her wealth of experience in Career Coaching. She has created the RID Coaching Model which has helped so many of her clients in their Careers.

Meera now runs a program called the 4 fastest ways to advance your Career and you can subscribe to these FREE tips here. She also regularly runs talks, workshops and meet-ups to further help her clients.

Connect with Meera Shah here:


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