Paul Wilkins

Paul Wilkins


If I tell you Jaws, what tune comes to your mind? In fact if you hear that tune even while walking in the forest, you’ll be turning round, automatically scared of the shark coming at you! (yeah, a “forest shark”?) That’s the power of music in films and other works of art, it blends in and brings out emotions.

Click here to listen to this episode of the Get Passionate Radio Show with Paul Wilkins, whose music, for example, brings to life my book trailer and who shares great insights into music composition for movies, games, trailers and gives us the ingredients to be successful. I also talk about the new show’s formula for 2013 (you don’t want to miss it!)

A composer / songwriter, Paul’s passion is writing for the orchestra although his music spans many genres. He has worked with many musical societies and operatic societies. Paul has also performed with choirs in national competitions and is currently composing for local symphony orchestras. Paul is also now working with Film Schools (Including International Film Schools) and their film projects.

Visit Paul’s website:

Passion Pays book:

Get Passionate Radio:


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