Get Passionate Radio

Get Passionate Radio

The ‘Get Passionate’ radio show is returning after a successful trial year, this time with a brand new formula! A daring one. I, your host, Genevieve, GenieCoach, Gen, am committing to also apply the show’s tips into my own life. I’m ready to back YOU up! Can you back YOURSELF?

Don’t worry, there will still be guests and stories from inspiring people who are walking the walk and talking the talk. However, you will now be encouraged to create your own life story from the tips, inspiration and guidance of the show.

I have been helping many people seeking a life or career change and there are two factors that set apart those who are still enjoying great success. One: constantly exploring new ideas and two: following through with confident action. I want people to experience for themselves how these mere two factors can change their life and there is no better way than leading by example.

Rather than following a monthly theme, the show is now based on one of the four stages of the Passion Pays journey that I lay out in my book “Passion Pays: How to Make a Living From Your Passions… and Change the World Too”. The four stages of the book will be followed over four weeks:

–Stage 1: Understand Your Passions, Fundamentally

In week 1 shows, you will be given numerous tips to explore your view of the world and understand themselves better.

— Stage 2: Build Your Expertise, Naturally

In week 2 shows, you will be able to follow through and learn different ways to maximise their skills and potential by cultivating what Genevieve calls “the opportunity and growth mindset” as opposed to the “adversity and breakdown mindset”.

–Stage 3: Deliver Your Value, Powerfully

In week 3 shows, listeners will build on their individuality, knowledge and skills. They will actively connect with the right people and start making things happen confidently. Guidance and tips on dealing with fears and tools on communication will be prevalent here.

–Stage 4: Get Paid, Rightfully

In week 4 shows, listeners will be guided through powerful strategies to put everything together and “sell their value” in the job market. Listeners will also get to appreciate their fulfilment needs.


More information on the four stages can be found on the Passion Pays book website:


Let’s have a fabulous 2013!



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