Join us with business maverick Noam Kostucki to discuss the timely subject of making money from doing good.

How do organisations get lost in the pursuit of financial survival at the expense of the good they were created to do? How can they reconcile their original purpose of serving people with making money? If that’s a combination that interests you, make sure to listen to this episode!

The answer to our questions actually makes natural sense. Join us with business maverick Noam Kostucki, to get invaluable insights, inspiration and know-how to make money from doing good.

Noam Kostucki is the co-founder of three social enterprises, author of “You are Your Brand!” and runner up UK Business Speaker of the Year 2011. He has been invited twice at TED because he believes that every organisation can make money from doing good. Noam challenges organisations to redefine the way they think, behave and communicate. He gives training, coaching, keynote speeches and runs consultancy projects for businesses, charities and social enterprises.

Check out Noam’s page:


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