Andrew Hryniewicz (rin-YEAH-vitch) has been a spiritual adventurer and seeker since his early efforts to learn yoga out of a book his aunt gave him at age 13. Later, after leaving university, he spent a year studying Greek myths while kayaking and hiking around remote parts of Greece and Turkey. This pretty much ruined him for having a conventional office job and career. Many years of yoga, meditation, and tai chi practice followed, as well as studying and using various alternative and conventional therapies which led him to becoming a psychotherapist helping people resolve traumatic pasts and find their paths forward again. In his work, though, he became aware that there was a level of both suffering and cure that the psychological methods were not reaching. As a long time student of mystical traditions and mind-body effects in medicine, he was sure the answer was in some sort of mind, body, (even spirit) medicine. But where to find it?

A chance encounter with a shaman introduced Andrew to the ideas of soul loss and soul retrieval and led him to investigate shamanic methods of self-discovery and healing. His own experience of soul retrieval was so powerful and, literally, life changing that he  retrained as a shamanic practitioner, and changed his practice from psychotherapy to shamanic healing and divination. He works with clients in person in his Chelsea office or over the phone. He hosts a Shamanic journeying meetup in South Kensington twice a month as well as a weekend Wayfinder workshops where people use journeying and soul retreival to discover and follow their soul’s path in life. For people who want a DIY approach, or are not able to come to a meetup or workshop, he has written a book, Finding Prince Who?, about his soul retreival experiences. It’s both a spiritual adventure story (complete with intrigue, betrayal and murder) and a manual on ‘how to’ recover your soul and you purpose in life. All of these can be found on his website www.chelseaSHAMANISM.COM

Join us with guest Andrew Hryniewicz to talk about Shamanism: how does it heal our mind, body and spirit?

If you have any questions about shamanism, this is the show to listen to!


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