Get Passionate co-host Genevieve de Lacaze aka Gen says:

“Get passionate

Get learning

Get changing the world!”

A warm welcome to all our listeners!

If you’re looking for a space with positive energy, constructive debates, unconventional thinking and practical advice to live passionately, you’re in perfect company with Team Passion!

I’m Genevieve de Lacaze and I’m also called GenieCoach or Gen (amongst other things). I am the author of Passion Pays, a groundbreaking book that puts passion in a whole new light: the heart-rooted energy that drives us to  inspire and create a better future for ourselves, our businesses, our community and Humanity.

I am a writer, speaker, coach (even a tennis coach) and the founder of GDL Transitions, an organisation that supports people who want to make a living from their passion and that consults for organisations to reconcile mission with profits. I am also the International Head of CPD at the International Institute of Coaching (IIC).

I absolutely love passionate people, conversations and ventures. I am honoured and thrilled to be able to co-host the Get Passionate Radio show with Min. We can spread the message that Passion Pays by showing you how in a way that is as entertaining as thought-provoking.

Join Team Passion, enjoy the show and remember: Get Passionate!


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